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The quality of work life week begins from 17th June. A subject which is a growing preoccupation, as seen by the hashtag #QWL which have reached record levels of popularity on the social networks. Workplace organisation, flexible schedules and working methods, trainings … The corporate world today understands that to increase employee productivity and recruit new talents, it’s essential to provide optimum working conditions.

To improve the everyday life of employees, applications have appeared targeting various fields. Health, personal development, communication … Discover the 5 applications which caught our attention.

Facilitate interactions between colleagues

25% of employees say they often feel isolated.

The increase of open spaces and connected tools could show that communication has improved between employees. But this is so far from reality. According to the Paris Workplace satisfaction scale, carried out by the SFL (Lyon-based property company) and the Ifop, a quarter of French employees declare often feeling isolated. Three of the applications we chose are made to deal with this reality:

#1. Zest me up

Encourage employees to speak-up and talk in companies, major catalysts for well-being at work. Suggestion box, daily mood, difficulties encountered, support network, manager discussions … Zest me Up aims to improve the “internal communications” factor for optimal working conditions.

The objective? Engage in dialogue with your employees, let them have their say and measure their well-being within the company.

How ? Using a platform of open conversation between the various company employees.

The cost ? From 3 to 7€/month/employee


qualité de vie au travail

#2. Comeet

Placing people and social connections at the heart of the company. A sentence which perfectly defines the utility of the application CoMeet which has already won over numerous customers.

The objective ? To meet-up with colleagues with whom there’s never time to chat at work but also with professionals working in the vicinity.

How ? By creating or integrating groups which propose some given activities: lunches, walks, after work drink …. Many outings are available on the platform.

The cost ? Free for all users



Challenge the teams

To unite your employees and create a sense of commitment, there’s nothing like a good challenge! Challenges make employees feel important and set goals for achievement. Two brilliant leverages to improve general well-being and more precisely, quality of work life.


#3. Squadeasy

The main objective of Squadeasy is to fight against sedentary lifestyles. The major challenge of this application is to have people travel over a maximum of kilometres by bike-riding, walking, running… an endless choice of sports for employees to give their best in these team challenges.

The objective ? Make your employees move.

How ?  Through fun and sporty team challenges.

The cost ? Free for all private users, not known in companies.


Appease employees

71% of companies claim to be concerned by the increase of stress but only 32% of Human Resources Managers have implemented means to combat this issue, for now.


#4. Ozen

…Or how to learn to relax while playing! This is the fantastic brand new idea by Ubisoft. Ozen combines several advantages with a gamer-oriented design interface, a connected sensor gathering your data in real time, fun exercises ….

The objective ? Make it fun to learn how to relax and breathe for the well-being of your employees.

How ? Using a connected sensor and fun exercises.

The cost ? 99€ for the sensor, and free application available on ios


ozen qvt

Measure the sound environment

79% of French people say they have difficulties following conversations at work due to the office noise. The importance of sound comfort for optimal work conditions is today a given.

With the increase of professional open spaces, numerous studies and actions have been undertaken to make companies aware of this concern.

#5. WatchOs 6 – Noise

The new application Bruit by Apple will soon be part of the other features on the Apple Watch. A tool allowing to measure surrounding noise, regardless where you are. The ideal application to actually observe the noise present in your offices.

The beta release is available with the final version planned for this autumn.

The objective ? Detect the noise level of your work areas for a first situational analysis on surrounding noise.

How ? Thanks to a built-in microphone in the Apple Watch and the specific noise software.

The cost ? Updating of the Apple Watch

qvt bruit

These 5 applications offer you multiple leads to improve the quality of work life for your employees. To recruit new talents, improve productivity, build close-knit teams, have dedicated employees … It’s more than necessary to work on this concern as of now to get the best from your employees.

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