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Are you looking for  acoustic comfort solutions ? You have then come to the right place!

Quieto framed acoustic panels have multiple solutions to meet all your acoustic needs.

Find out in this article why Quieto framed panels is THE decorative and acoustic solution to hang in your rooms!

#1 Acoustic correction: absorbing noise

Quieto framed panels have been designed in the first place to significantly reduce noise pollution. Noise reverberation can quickly become annoying in a crowded room, such as open space offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools, etc. When the overall hearing comfort is affected, it’s time to take action.

Due to its absorbing complex, the Quieto panels damps the sound waves present in your room. Depending on the size of the room, but also in which materials the floor and the ceiling are made from, the noise reverberation will be higher or lower. Therefore, installing acoustic panels is an excellent solution for an effective acoustic correction.

MyO auditive comfort solutions like the Quieto panel have been tested by independent test laboratories and have been granted of an acoustic certificate. We can then guarantee the acoustic effectiveness of the MyO products.

absorption tableau acoustique

Is it difficult to imagine the effectiveness of acoustic panels? Listen to the sound difference in the same room before and after it received acoustic treatment with myO acoustic panels.

Ready? Listen now


#2 Decoration: add style to your rooms !

Acoustic, yes, but not only.

In addition to the acoustic aspects, the Quieto panel is also designed to be truly decorative. Sophisticate design, choice of frame and color, the Quieto panel is absolutely comparable to usual decorative paintings that we find in our indoors. Unified color or printed with your chosen image or picture, framed Quieto acoustic panels can be 100% customised to match your values or products perfectly.

Finishing choices:

  • Unified colour fabric: 3 finishes and more than 50 colors available
  • Printed fabric: an image, a picture, a message, a logo, etc… It’s up to you!
  • 3D finish: Give your panel some effects by using the 3D thermoforming technology
tableau acoustique mural quieto


tableau acoustique 3d

Quieto 3D

To make the panel even more beautiful, we are proposing multiple frame finishes, white, black, glossy or wood. The high quality of the framing will then spotlight the fabric.

Frame thickness: 18mm (aluminium) or 35mm (wood finish)

Thickness of the sound absorbing material + fabric: ± 40mm

tableau acoustique cadre bois

Framed Quieto panel with a wood finish frame

#3 Hang it to your walls or to the ceiling : it’s your choice

Quieto panel can be a personalized decoration tool, but it goes deeper than that. You can also personalize the way you want to hang your panel, to the walls or to the ceiling. When we want to decorate a room, most of the time we focus on the walls, but the ceiling can be a very good option.

This option is recommended for rooms having high ceilings. In this type of areas, the noise reverberation is extremely high and the sound needs to be corrected. The Quieto panel hung horizontally to the ceiling offers an additional absorbing surface, and also provides a unique decoration style.

tableau quieto cable

Hung from cables

So, are you now convinced that framed Quieto panels are a decorative way to provide acoustic comfort for your living and working areas.

A few projects using framed acoustic panels:


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