MYO has developed new products that allow to answer quickly and effectively to the protection need required in workspaces.


Discover new solutions designed to be quickly implemented and to meet protection need.

Spécial series

Screen protector to be placed

l.700 x h.800mm with window notch 250x1200mm


The support made with 6mm tempered glass guarantees stability, ease maintenance and sustainability over time.

Pour répondre aux circonstances actuelles, une nouvelle version du séparateur de bureau Kinô a été développé avec une rehausse en polycarbonate de 300 mm pour permettre aux salariés de retirer leur masque temporairement en toute sécurité (dans les conditions du protocole du national du 31.08.20).

Kinô desk divider with polycarbonate overpanel



A new version of the Kinô desk divider has been developed with a 300mm polycarbonate extension to allow employees to remove their mask temporarily in complete safety.

Offer quick layout solutions with

Aluscreen movables screen

The Aluscreen movable screen also offers a protective screen between workstations, while providing a large choice of configurations and fillings.

Standard version

Acoustic version

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