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The Phone Box and the Meeting Box are evolving

Have you ever tried to make a call or organize a team meeting in an open space?

This type of arrangement leads in most cases to a collective noise due to telephone conversations, keypad noise, neighboring discussions… An environment not really made for calm and concentration.

The Phone and the Meeting Box meet your needs to be isolated from surrounding noise.

New features designed to optimize your comfort

MyO Boxes now include new lighting and connectivity features to allow employees to comfortably isolate themselves for a phone call or meeting!

New features :

– Vary the moods !

The dual-flow air fan, as well as the LED lighting are now adjustable. The Phone Box, like the Meeting Box, include a dimmer allowing you to choose the level of light or the power of the fan in a jiffy.

– Reload your batteries !

On the connectivity side, the Phone Box and Meeting Box are now equipped with a socket with 2 USB charging ports. Indispensable for recharging smartphones or tablets during your meetings.

You will also find a strong current socket integrated into the general unit.

Phone Box
meeting box

A better acoustic

The aluminum-framed glass door is now mounted on hinges with an integrated automatic skirting in order to guarantee its user the desired confidentiality.

Sound insulation Phone Box: 36 dB
Meeting Box sound insulation: 39 dB

Meeting Box,

new options available

To complete the standard version of the Meeting Box currently available, we offer additional options.

The “RJ45 / HDMI” option includes:

  • 1 electrical outlet for television
  • 1 cable gland for HDMI cable
  • 1 wall mounted HDMI port
  • 1 RJ45 socket

An option designed to make your life easier during your group meetings.

meeting box

Do you want to install a product from the Box range in your premises ?

Do not hesitate to contact us, a sales representative will contact you to define your needs.


meeting box
meeting box

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