nuancier hush

MYO products are now available in Hush fabric to soften spaces, give them a friendly and cozy dimension.

Hush is a unique non-woven polyester fabric, soft touch, with a felted texture and a natural fiber effect finish. Made from a delicious mix of white and colored fibers, its surface is misted with a light white veil scrambling the colors and creating a discreet heather effect.

tissu hush

A pleasant dimension filled with softness

With its understated elegance, Hush is harmonious and easy to integrate into a multitude of environments and space styles. Its natural and warm appearance as well as its felted texture full of softness
bring a cozy dimension to workspaces and create an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.

nuancier hush

Soft and misty tones

Hush is available in 28 misty colors to accentuate the delicate and refine fabric. Inspired by nature, the color chart includes a selection of neutral tones like grey, beige and pink as well as bolder options like green, blue, orange and lavender blue.

A green soul

This new Hush finish is respectful of the environment. It does not contain any harmful chemical and has the label STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX®.

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