From a Japanese inspiration, myO products from the Kinô range are both functional and elegant. Designed to provide comfort and wellbeing, this range draws its essence from the
minimalist design of the country’s culture in the rising sun: mineral colors, cut patterns evoking the sun, the Seigaiha wave or the Dragon triangle. Easy to set up, kinô acoustic products will give you all the serenity you need to furnish your office spaces.

Kinô products

rideau acoustique kino

Zone divider

Give privacy to your spaces with Kinô zone dividers. Light and airy, these products are signed with a solid wood insert to highlight environmentally friendly manufacturing.

ecran acoustique kino


Blinds, like Kinô screens, are available with or without cut patterns … evocative of strong  symbols of the land of the rising sun: the sun, the Seigaiha wave, the triangle of the Dragon.

separateur acoustique

Desk divider

Thanks to different fixing systems, the Kinô desk divider can be placed or hung on an individual or double desk to allow everyone to have their space.

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