From Nordic inspiration, myO products in the Lugn range adopt Scandinavian style codes. To bring calmand serenity in noisy environments, these products are based on a robust design and the use of high performanceacoustic material. The final touch: a wide choice of colors, multiple
variations thanks to a fabric cover that most of the time can be easily removed !

LUGN products

panneau acoustique recto verso

Acoustic panel

The Lugn rectangular acoustic panel is magnetized on the wall or hangs horizontally, with or without integrated lighting … to provide acoustic comfort.

séparateur acoustique LUGN

Desk divider

Fixed or simply installed, the Lugn desk divider preserves everyone’s privacy and provides more acoustic comfort.

Cube Lugn


This fun Lugn cube can be suspended from the ceiling from a hook and provides both decoration and acoustic comfort.

totem lugn


Placed and moved as you wish, the Lugn totem is easily movable . It will bring you acoustic comfort in spaces where walls and ceilings are sometimes very busy.

ecran pivotant duo360

Rotating acoustic screen

Set-up and make this new acoustic screen rotate up to 360°. The DUO 360 was designed to create more privacy (or not!) around a defined space.

ecran acoustique


Increase your visual privacy and protect yourself from your surroundings with the Lugn screen.

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