myO ensures solutions that enable you to meet in spaces with more privacy. There are imaginative and suitably-designed products to create a balance between communication and protection.

Kinô products

rideau acoustique kino

Zone divider

Give privacy to your spaces with Kinô zone dividers. Light and airy, these products are signed with a solid wood insert to highlight environmentally friendly manufacturing.

ecran acoustique kino


Blinds, like Kinô screens, are available with or without cut patterns … evocative of strong  symbols of the land of the rising sun: the sun, the Seigaiha wave, the triangle of the Dragon.

separateur acoustique

Desk divider

Thanks to different fixing systems, the Kinô desk divider can be placed or hung on an individual or double desk to allow everyone to have their space.

Lugn products

panneau acoustique recto verso

Acoustic panel

The Lugn rectangular acoustic panel is magnetized on the wall or hangs horizontally, with or without integrated lighting … to provide acoustic comfort.

séparateur acoustique LUGN

Desk divider

Fixed or simply installed, the Lugn desk divider preserves everyone’s privacy and provides more acoustic comfort.

ecran pivotant duo360

Rotating acoustic screen

Set-up and make this new acoustic screen rotate up to 360°. The DUO 360 was designed to create more privacy (or not!) around a defined space.

ecran acoustique


Increase your visual privacy and protect yourself from your surroundings with the Lugn screen.

Aluscreen products

cloisonnette de bureau acoustique

Acoustic movable screen

The acoustic movable screen structures the spaces and offers acoustic comfort with a wide choice of finishes.

cloisonnette de bureau

Standard movable screen

The standard movable screen structures the spaces by offering a wide choice of finishes: frame, filling, dimensions, legs.

Box products

phone box

Phone Box

Discover the Phone Box, a place to make calls without any noise disturbing. The contemporary and technical design will meet your needs and re-design your space.

meeting box acoustique

Meeting Box

Discover the Meeting Box, compact and selfsupporting structure that is soundproofed. Perfect for 2 to 5 persons meetings.

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