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3D acoustic panel Quieto

made in france

3D acoustic panel Quieto 3D acoustic panel Quieto

QUIETO 3D acoustic panel (with frame), is made according to an innovative manufacturing process called thermoforming, which offers an entirely different design!
The 3D acoustics panels are created to absorb the various sounds reflected in space. Acoustic comfort is essential and a key factor to be nowadays taken into consideration... They are a decorative solutions, available in various finishes, dimensions.

Std dimensions
Dimension(s) (mm)

3D shapes

The Quieto 3D acoustic panel is available with SINGLE-colour 3D patterns : round or square. Patterns are different according to the size of the panel.

Aluminium Frame

Quieto acoutic panel is made of an aluminium frame. Choose the colour :

  • White
  • Black
  • Glossy
  • Wood

Proven efficacy of myO acoustic panels in the Wooow box

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