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Lugn Acoustic Totem


Lugn Acoustic Totem Lugn Acoustic Totem

Improve the acoustic comfort of your living spaces with myO acoustic elements. With their excellent sound absorption, myO elements make it easier to create a comfortable environment in open spaces. These nomadic objects can be moved around at will and are easy to install.

Trendy, acoustic and customisable, they provide a decoration solution for business offices.

Dimension(s) (mm)


Treat yourself to a colored and acoustic decor with the Lugn acoustic totem. Choose from over 50 colour schemes to match your tastes or your company’s colours.


Treat yourself to a unique and acoustic decor with Lugn printed totem.  Choose from over thousand of visuals on Shutterstock.

Proven efficacy of LUGN acoustic totem in the Wooow box

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