Phone Box 1.0


Phone Box 1.0 Phone Box 1.0

A space based on the design of our good old telephone boxes, providing a private space. The myO Phone Box is soundproofed and practical; it unites all the necessary features of lighting, sockets and connections for anyone to retreat in comfort when making a telephone call or participating in a video conference!

Std dimensions
Acoustic insulation
Reverberation time
Dimension(s) (mm)

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1 dimension / 1 configuration

Phone Box configuration

The myO silence cabin is available in a standard configuration and dimension but you can chose the door position : right or left opening.

2 solid sides
1 glass side on right or left
1 door (opens onto a solid side)

Phone Box Aluminium frame

Aluminium frame structurecouleur Structure à ossature aluminium meeting box myOpenspace

Glass door with aluminium frame, mounted on pivot hinges. Width: 930 mm


Plafond intérieur panneau blanc intérieur meeting box myOpenspace myO


Inside ceiling: microperforated laminate panel


Remplissages extérieurs panneaux aggloméré meeting box myOpenspaceOutside facing (sides/ceiling):

  • melamine faced
  • chipboard panels

Phone Box Equipements

The myO silence cabin is sold equipped with :

  • Multiple sockets. Installed 1230mm from the floor
  • Shelf : Height 1100mm. Left or right
  • Dual flow ventilation for efficient air circulation system (intake and extraction)
  • LED lighting with a occupancy sensor

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