DUO 360 | Trapezoidal or rectangular


DUO 360 | Trapezoidal or rectangular DUO 360 | Trapezoidal or rectangular

Screw in and rotate this new acoustic device to 45°, 90°, or even up to 360° to create privacy or openness around a desk or table, delineate an aisle, or create a space!

As it was tested in an independent trial lab, the DUO 360 can guarantee excellent acoustic absorption (a complete acoustic report outlining the Equivalent Absorption Area is available on request).
Build your living spaces with the acoustic, pragmatic, and trendy new DUO 360 by myOpenspace !

Dimension(s) (mm)


Duo 360 UNI-Color

foam available in 7 colors.

If you would like to try a different look, simply unzip, remove, and replace the cover of your DUO 360!

Only one color per sales unit of the DUO 360.

DUO 360 stand: a single base (RAL 9005) designed to support 2 trapezoidal or rectangular rotating acoustic screens.

Finition : UNI-color

Complex absorber foam + fabric.

“Twist Mélange”(7 colors) + neon yellow or neon orange zipper.

The DUO 360 consists of a trapezoidal or rectangular pair, identical in shape and color.

A common base (RAL 9005) shorter than the 2 pivoting screens to :

  • an easier traffic around the DUO 360
  • juxtapose some DUO 360

Need to change the design ?  You can remove and change the cover thanks to the zipper.



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